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Why You Are Much Like Clark Kent And Superman And May Not Even Know It

Posted on September 23 2015

I know what you might be thinking, "Are you telling me that you think I can fly faster than a speeding bullet, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and have unfathomable strength?!"

The short answer, yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you.  Only kidding of course!  I'll actually get to the real answer in just a second.

To give you some context, many people around the world have asked, "Why should I wear Greatness Apparel?" or "What makes Greatness Apparel so different from other brands anyway?"  Well, aside from the insane quality, modern design, and comfort like you've never experienced before, Greatness Apparel is a message.  It's a movement to challenge everyone's status quo.  It's a symbol inspiring you to reach for greatness and live your life by design.

You see, when you and I look at Clark Kent from our perspective, we always know he's Superman.  We know that under the suit and glasses as Clark Kent, he is still fully capable of doing all the incredible things he does once he comes out of the phone booth rocking that big 'S' on his chest.  But what changes Clark Kent to Superman in the parameters of his world?  It's when he ditches the glasses and suit, lets his cape blow in the wind, and it's game-on to be GREAT!  

How many mornings do you think Clark Kent wakes up and loses track of the fact that he's Superman; that he's truly great and capable of anything?  My guess would be never; not one single day.  Why, then, do so many people wake up on a daily basis not realizing their own potential?

What I want you to understand is this.  Every single day of your life when you go to your job, spend time with your family, compete in sports, build that business, close that deal, help that friend, or whatever it may be, much like Clark Kent, you already have all kinds of greatness within you.  I know there are days it may not feel like.  Hoewever, you already are "Superman" from the inside out, but it's easy to fall in to the day-to-day traps of mediocrity and simply being comfortable with how things are.  Next thing you know, one, five, ten,  or even twenty years fly right by and you wonder where the time went and what you have to show for it in terms of your finances, relationships, health, etc.  

When you show up wearing Greatness Apparel, what you are telling yourself and the world around you is that you've committed to playing life at a higher level.  Oh, and you'll look damn good doing it too (so that's always a plus!).

"Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men (or women), and men (or women) are great only if they are determined to be so." -Charles De Gaulle

Be intentional about your Greatness.  Make the conscious decision to pick any area of your life, or maybe it's a few areas, but pick something in your life at which you are committed to being GREAT.  Achieving greatness is not going to be easy and it certainly isn't going to be an overnight endeavor.  The journey is half the fun, but it will definitely be worth it!  

So what if I asked you... If you could love more, should you?  If you could help those around you more, should you?  If you could work harder and give more effort, should you?  If you could be a better spouse, should you?  If you could give more, should you?  If you could leave a greater legacy for your children, should you?  Keep asking yourself these kinds of questions and you'll be sure to discover areas of your life that you are passionate about taking to the next level.

Greatness Apparel is all about clothing the world in Greatness.  With your effort and commitment to living life at a higher level and us holding up our end of the bargain by providing you with the most comfortable, most fashionable, highest quality product around, then we truly can accomplish something greater than has ever been done before.

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