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Steps Toward Achieving Greatness: Live Well Lowell Fitness

Posted on May 21 2018

Greatness Apparel Ambassador for Greatness

On her adventure towards achieving greatness, Jen Lowell has experienced many ups and downs. From being an athletic year-round basketball player to suddenly struggling with her weight and health. This proud military wife has moved almost every year for the past three years. But, despite her changing internal and external landscapes, Lowell has never stopped chasing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Now, Lowell has turned her dream of becoming a certified personal trainer into reality. 

That's why Greatness Apparel is proud to introduce Jen Lowell as our newest ambassador for greatness.  

Jen Lowell of Lowell Fitness visits Greatness Apparel Headquarters

This past month, we had the pleasure of meeting Lowell at our GA headquarters. We learned more about her newly established business, Live Well Lowell Fitness, and also talked about the inspiration behind her brand new Greatness Apparel clothing collection. 

Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul  

"A resource for people to go pursue their happiness," that's how Lowell describes Live Well Lowell Fitness. On her adventure towards greatness, Lowell has realized that "fitness" is much more than physical exercise and external physique. It's about balancing the mind, body, and soul. Because, as Lowell puts it, "no level of fitness makes you happy." 

This is what sets Lowell Fitness apart from most other fitness programs. The focus on understanding how your mind works in unison with your body. The realization that true transformations happen from the inside out, and that you should never be afraid to be your own kind of beautiful. 

Freedom in Fitness  

Lowell's unique array of programs is what has allowed Live Well Lowell Fitness to motivate people, from California to Virginia, to better themselves both physically and mentally.   

Lowell understands that no two people are the same. That's why she offers custom program options, including online personal training that is tailored to your specific goals and body type.   

But that's not all. Lowell also offers personal online coaching options, including phone calls and FaceTime chats, for added accountability and support. These options are available to anyone regardless of whether they're enrolled in one of her fitness programs. Just another way Lowell is chasing freedom for herself and her clients. 

Adventure Addict

"My life is constantly an adventure," says Lowell. From moving to new military bases to experiencing different areas of fitness, Lowell says her adventure addict lifestyle is what makes her feel so happy and free. She enjoys spending time outside hiking, biking, and skiing with her husband. 

Now, as she finds herself on this new entrepreneurial adventure, Lowell says working with her clients, seeing their progress, and reading the overwhelmingly positive testimonials have been the greatest parts of her newest adventure.

Jen Lowell in Greatness Apparel Warrior tank top 

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warrior on Instagram and Facebook and check out the motivating Live Well Lowell Fitness website.


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