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For Clickstop Internal ordering only. 

1) Ordering on this site will close on June 10th. No orders will be sent to the vendor before that date. Expected delivery date for all orders is June 28th. 

2) The logo options, present with the items, have been approved as fitting within the parameters of each of the brand guidelines. 

3) Lack of interest in printed items, not held in stock, could cause a raise in price or canceling of an offering. Trisha will follow up after all orders have been placed to communicate the options. 

4) If you plan to use a clothing allowance for your order, choose a payment option present at check out and go through the normal process of submitting a request for reimbursement. 

5) A number of the items have sizes beyond what is listed.  Please take note of the sizing chart and “Note:” in red with in the item details.

6) Embroidery colors may vary: Discretion will be used to determine the use of all colors in logo or just one color because of the background material to which it is being applied. 

7) Contact Trisha Young with any questions or special requests. 

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USCC Mechanics Gloves

From $ 13.33 - $ 13.72