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This dash represents time... YOUR TIME. Our lives have a start date and an end date. Your dash sits right between the two.

If you looked to the future and actually sat down to write your own eulogy, what would you want it to say? How much of an impact would you have wanted to make on others while you had the chance?

Day-by-day we are either merely existing or actually living. The question is, are you living your dash to the fullest? This insanely comfortable shirt is a call-to-action to BE GREAT during your dash.

Read the world-famous poem, "The Dash," by Linda Ellis here.

6 shirt colors to choose from.

Steel BlueGrey, Cardinal, Orange, and Green tee options come in the most comfortable tri-blend on the planet: 50% poly - 25% cotton - 25% rayon
White tee option comes in the most breathable and lightweight 100% ringspun cotton.
Each shirt comes with everyone's favorite tearaway tags. So feel free to rip 'em out and get rid of 'em!