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Submit Your Ideas

Do you have a GREAT idea for a design that should be released on one of our tees, posters, or other products? We absolutely want to hear about it! Every idea we receive will be up for consideration, but we cannot guarantee all ideas will pass through on to production. If we do end up using your idea, not only will you become a bit of a celeb, but you will also earn a lifetime 5% royalty on all sales from that specific design! If you believe your idea stands out, send it over to Be sure to put, "GREATEST IDEA EVER" in the subject line!

Disclaimer: Simply shooting over a slogan, quote, tagline, or any kind of saying in general all by itself does not constitute something being your idea in most cases. Our company catalog of ideas that already exists is quite vast. We may or may not already have that idea in the books. To ensure you receive proper credit for a design being YOUR idea, please be as specific as possible as to how it should be verbalized, designed, and/or laid out. Best case scenario would be to send us an actual example design - either hand drawn or more preferably from a digital design software (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.).